Tatjana Schneider

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Wolfspark Werner Freund
Kammerforst Merzig
Waldstraße 204
66663 Merzig / Saarland


Tatjana Schneider

Tatjana Schneider begann 1993 im Wolfspark Werner Freund als ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiterin zu arbeiten.

The following groups were raised up with him

1995 Arciticwolves (5)

1997 Arcticwolf (1) mit european Wolf (1)

1999 european wolves (3)

2005 Arciticwolves (5)

2007 kanadian wolves (2) und european wolves from Sweden(3)

2008 kanadian wolves (2)

2009 Arciticwolves (7)

2010 european wolves (2)

2011 Arciticwolves (3)

2012 Mongolian wolves (4)

38 wolves in 18 years!!!

There have been some special situations over the years:

1995 she took unpaid vacancy for 3 month to be able to raise up cups.



2000 an arctic wolves was attacked by his pack. The wolf had to be separated and he got aid.

Polarwolfwelpen 2005


In 2000 Tatjana Schneider painted a complete Kyrgyz landscape at the Expeditionsmuseum Werner Freund.



2005 he assisted in an operation on a artic wolf. The wolf had an malignancy.

2007 created Tatjana Schneider the official Logo for the Wolfspark Werner Freund.

Foto Wolfspark Merzig Logo

2007 Werner Freund, Tatjana Schneider and Michael Schönberger brought kanadian wolves from Hannover to the Wolfpark Werner Freund.

Schwedische Wölfe


2009 was Tatjana Schneider officially hired trought the town Merzig to work at Wolfspark Werner Freund.


2010 The storm "Xynthia" created a lot of damage in the park. Many packs were outsite during the storm. She brought some packs back to a safe enclosure and helped that others packs could not escape.

Kanadische Wölfe


2010 - She took some puppies out of a hole because there was not enough space for somebody else.

Europäische Wölfe


2011 Tatjana Schneider and Werner Freund raised up some cups with the mother of them.



2011 she passes her butcher-examen.

Tatjana und Michael Schönberger

A photo with the mongolian wolves.

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